Awards & Talks


2016 優良教學獎, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

2014 Aug-2017 Jul 科技部 優秀年輕學者研究計畫 (Excellent Young Scholar Research Grant, MOST)

2014 優良教學獎, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

2014 Zasshikai Lectureship Award, Department of Chemistry, University of Tokyo, Japan

2012 優良教學獎, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

2011 優良教學獎, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

2010 第十五屆科林論文獎 博士論文頭等獎 指導教授

2010 指導博士生 林彥甫 獲 中華民國物理協會 研究生優良論文獎

2007 Outstanding Research Award of the College of Science, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Invited Talks and Chair

1-3-November 2017 International Workshop on NanoScience and NanoOptics 2017, Hokkaido, Japan (invited talk)

28-30-September 2016 International Symposium on Frontiers in Materials Science, Hanoi, Vietnam (invited talk)

23-26-May 2016 IUTAM 2016 (IUTAM Symposium on Nanoscale Physical Mechanics), Nanjing, China (invited talk)

21-23-January 2014 AMPSROC (Annual Meeting of The Physical Society of The Republic of China), National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

1-4-December 2013 3rd International Conference on Nanotek and Expo, Las Vegas, USA (invited talk)

13-15-November 2013 The International Workshop on Applications of Graphene-Based Materials, Tainan (Center for Micro/Nano Science and Technology, NCKU), Taiwan (invited talk)

4-5-November 2013 Graphene 2013 International Conference, Hsinchu (Industrial Technology Research Institute), Taiwan (invited talk)

24-28-June 2013 Collaborative Conference on Materials Research, Jesu Island, South Korea (invited talk)

20-23-November 2011 9th Cross Straight Microscopy Meeting, Tainan, Taiwan

23-26-October-2011 BIT’s 1st Annual World Congress of Nano-S&T 2011, Dalian, China (invited talk and session chair)

20-22-May-2011 2011 International Conference on Materials for Renewable Energy & Environment (ICMREE), Shanghai, China (invited talk and session chair)

25-29-April-2011 Poster Session Chair of Magnetic Nanowires II in IEEE International Magnetics Conference (Intermag) 2011, Taipei, Taiwan, Link:

2-4-February-2010 2010 Joint American Vacuum Society (AVS) / ROC Physical Society Annual Meeting, Tainan, Taiwan (invited talk)

3-Decmber-2009 2009 MRS Fall Meeting Symposium E, Boston, USA (invited talk)

21-January-2009 Annual Meeting of The Physical Society of The Republic of China, Changhua, Taiwan (invited talk)

23-26-August-2007 EASTMAG-2007, Kazan, Russia (invited talk), Link:

Contributed Talks

2018 March 5-9 March Meeting in Los Angeles, California (Title: Controllable Oxidation for Making Ambipolar or P-type MoOx/MoS2 Transistors)

2017 March 13-17 March Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana (Title: Electron Transport in Reduced Graphene Oxides in High Electric Fields)

2014 March 3-7 March Meeting in Denver, Colorado (Title: Exploration of Bandgap Opening in Graphene Oxides by Electrical Measurements)

2012 Oct 25 RIES (Hokkaido University) – CIS (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan) Joint Symposium at Research Institute for Electronic Science (RIES), Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan (Title: Geometry Manipulation of Electrical Property Modulation in Nanocrystal-Assembled Bulks)

2012 Sep 18-21 7th International Conference on Surfaces, Coatings and Nanostructured Materials (NANOSMAT) at Prague, Czech (Title: Electrical Properties of Octahedral PbSe Nanocrystal-Assembled Bulks)

2010 Aug 23-27 18th International Vacuum Congress (IVC-18) at Beijing, China (Title: Interplay of spinodal and diffusion-limited aggregation in formation of two-dimensional islands of PbSe nanocrystals)

2010 Jan 5-8 IEEE Inetrnational NanoElectronics Conference (INEC) 2010 at Hong Kong (Title: Electron Transport Properties of ZnO, InP, GaP, and Pb1-xMnxSe Nanowires By Two-Probe Measurements)

2008 Dec 11-13 16th International Colloquium on Scanning Probe Microscopy (ICSPM16) at Atagawa Heights, Japan (Title: Size Effects in Collective Transport at Coupled PbSe Quantum Dot Arrays)

2008 Mar 24-28 2nd IEEE International Nanoelectronics Conference (INEC) at Shanghai, China (Title: Determination of Contact and Intrinsic Nanowire Resistivity in Two-Contact ZnO Nanowire Devices)

2007 Aug 7-10 WUN-SPIN07 at York City, United Kingdom (poster, Title: Enhanced Ferromagnetism in High-Vacuum Annealed Zn1-xCoxO Nanowires with Various Diameters)

2007 Jul 2-5 International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies 2007 at Singapore (poster, Title: Studying magnetic properties of Zn1-xCoxO nanowires by using magnetic force microscope)

2005 Oct 31-Nov 4 50th Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Conferences at St Jose, California, USA (poster)