Research Grants

National Science Council (NSC) Grant

Title Amount(NT$) Period
Nonlocality, metal-insulator transition, and green energy applications in low-dimensional materials 2,285,000 2017Aug-2018Jul
Designing and Manufacturing Dynamic PowerPoints and Video Courses of Advanced Placement Courses for Senior High School Students (ST1) 700,000 2017Aug-2018Jul
Electronic structures of self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots and the development of opto- and spin-electronics 7,634,000 2015Aug-2018Jul
Fundamental physics – Schwinger pair creation, Dirac particles’ band gap – in partially oxidized graphene 10,778,000 2014Aug-2017Jul
Nano and Electron-Beam Lithography Approach to Discovery of Novel Phenomena – Disorder Filter, Artificial Atom, Luttinger Liquid, and Ferromagnetic Nanocontact 6,151,000 2011Aug-2014Jul

Non-NSC Grant

Title Company Amount(NT$) Period
Construction of Research-Version Scanning Tunneling Microscope (Phase II) Nanovie Co. Ltd. 400,000 2015Jul-2017Dec
Development of Demagnetizer for Removing Data in Hard Disk Pandora Technology Inc. 1,300,000 2014Jun-2018Dec
壓電步進致動器模組開發 金屬工業研究發展中心 250,000 2015Feb-2015Jul
Development of Image Processing Program for Atomic Force Microscope Ardic Instruments Co. 700,000 2013Aug-2014Dec
Construction of Research-Version Scanning Tunneling Microscope(Phase I) Nanovie Co. Ltd. 150,000 2013Jun-2013Aug
Graphene Screening and Separation Method and Device 金屬工業研究發展中心 50,000 2012Jul