Computer Science

In this course, you will learn about the hardware of the computer from its basic unit of a transistor. You will be walked through the circuit of a central processing unit (CPU) and the operating system (OS) for the hardware. We illustrate the using of DOS and batch files in the introduction of the OS. After that, we will learn the HTML language that is used to present yourself, like your resume or CV, on line. The HTML language is functioned like Microsoft Word while you use the markup language to set the format. You will also learn another markup language – latex, used for presenting mathematical equations. The HTML markup language provides as well the drawing (designing) of the window frames with contents (buttons, input/output text boxes and images) for windows programming. Afterward, we introduce the programming language of javascript. We will cover most basic concepts like variables, calculations, strings, and flow controls. In the last part of the course, we will teach how to draw pictures and to write animated programs. We will adopt the library of p5.js for drawing and animation in the browser window and we will introduce the numerical methods for the animation of physical and virtual world.

The course is proceeded through 3 parts. In Part 1, we focus on computer hardware and introduction to computer language.

Week 01 (Lecture 01A & 01B)

History of Calculator & Computer, Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, Types of Computers, Logic Gates and TTL Signals
Week 02 (Lecture 01C & 01D)

History of Personal Computer & Peripherals, Numeral Systems, Computer Hardware (CPU, Power Case, Memory, Motherboard, Peripherals)
Week 03 (Lecture 02A & 02B)

Machine Language, Operating System – Computer & Hand Held, Functions of OS, MS-DOS, ASCII Code, File System, Editor for Text & Hexadecimal Numbers
Week 04 (Lecture 02B & 02C)

Batch File & Programming, Program Structures, System/Application Programs, Interpreted/Compiled Language, Generations of Programming Language, Essential Application Programs
Week 05 Mid-Term Examination 1
Part 1

Week 06 (Lecture 03A & 03B)

Introduction to HTML & HTML5, HTML Head & Layout, Attributes of Tags, HTML Heading & Paragraph, Word Formatting, Hyper Link, Quotations & Images
Week 07 (Lecture 03C & 03D)

HTML List & Tables, Codes & iFrame, id & class, Entities & Symbols, CSS Basic Concepts, CSS Selector, MathJAX
Week 08 (Lecture 04A & 04B)

HTML Form, Basic JavaScript Concept, Basic Object-Oriented Programming, JavaScript in HTML, Input Elements in Form, An Array Variable in HTML, Codes in Script
Week 09 (Lecture 04C & 05A)

Input Attributes, The Elements of Select/TextArea/Button/DataList/Output/Progress, Integrated Development Environment, Reserved Words, Variables & typeof Operator
Week 10 (Lecture 05B & 05C)

Number Type, Number Conversion, String & Object, Operators, Bitwise Operators, Arithmetic Operators, Relational, Equality, Logic Operators, If, Do-While, While, Switch & With, For and For-In Statements
Week 11 Mid-Term Examination 2
Part 2

Week 12

Functions, Value or Reference, Variable & Functions, Arguments & variable number of arguments of a Function, Copying values or direct reference, Scope, Garbage collection, Skills for using functions
Week 13

String Object, Array Object, Math & Date Objects
Week 14

p5.js & processing – background, Install p5.js & start a p5 canvas, Rewrite 3 main functions, Clear background, Set pen color & draw lines/curves, Set brush colors & draw shapes, Typography functions
Week 15

Transform – Translate, Rotation, Scale, Shear, Matrix / Draw Images, Bitmap Data, Events, Animation, WEBGL
Week 16 Mid-Term Examination 3
Part 3